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"NYC moves forward with their choices", July 2018 - The latest news re: NYC Nighlife Regulation

"We Have Transitioned – Regulatory Compliance Begins!", July 2018 - A very informative legal analysis of the new CA laws re: cannabis business

KESQ News Story, "State Regulations Causing Supply Problems For Cannabis Industry", July 2018 - TV News story featuring CVCAN (Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance) President Jason Elasser & Legislative Director Jocelyn Kane, and Amanda Ostrowitz (CEO, CANNAREGS).

CA Cannabis Forum at Digital Hollywood, May 2018 - Jocelyn Kane participated on a panel alongside Cat Packer, Director of Los Angeles’ Dept of Cannabis Regulation, Bruce Margolin, LA Director of NORML, and Ariel Clark, founder of LA Cannabis Task Force discussing what is really legal in the cannabis industry right now. 

Music Canada 2018 - MusicCanada (Canada’s association of major music labels) published its second look at Music Office and Night Mayors, quoting Jocelyn Kane extensively in their analysis as an expert on the topic of night time management.

New Cannabis Laws, May 2018   - Jocelyn Kane participated on a panel with Lori Ajax , Director of the California State Bureau of Cannabis Control, and Joe Wallace of the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership to discuss the latest issues is cannabis regulations in California and their impact on the industry.

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