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Consulting for The NIghtlife Industry

Consulting for the Nightlife Industry

Jocelyn Kane is the former Executive Director of San Francisco's Entertainment Commission, which is charged with ensuring the health and vitality of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues in the City. In 2003, she helped create this one-of-a-kind governmental office that continues to serve as a model for other cities and countries around the world who are now becoming interested in managing and advocating for their own nightlife economy. Jocelyn has been invited to speak about her policy work around the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, and all over the United States.  She is considered a “thought leader” in the nighttime economy space, and is a senior consultant with the Responsible Hospitality Institute (http://rhiweb.org/about/rhi_consultants.html


Along with daily regulatory concerns as Executive Director for the San Francisco Entertainment Commission, her most current policy work included the first legislative protections for nightlife businesses from new residential and hotel construction in the US, and ongoing improvements to SF Bay Area late night/early morning transit which impacts workforces and patrons of nightlife.  In addition, Jocelyn achieved two economic impact studies regarding both nightlife and outdoor events, which improved the political will to hire an industry specific person in the Mayors Economic Development Office, and a new position to improve outdoor cultural events.  In addition, she was responsible for legislation improving city codes, cultural preservation strategy work for the LGBTQ community citywide, and major improvements to the City’s Sound Ordinances.


For nightlife clients, she can work with or for government agencies to address quality of life issues, public safety, sound complaints, and the creation of vibrant nightlife areas. 

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