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consulting for The CANNABIS & NIghtlife Industries 

Jocelyn Kane - jocelynkane65@gmail.com

Consulting for the Cannabis Industry, Regulation & Compliance

The new and growing industry of medical and recreational cannabis requires an understanding of the regulatory environment in California on a state level, and also in all 58 counties and almost 500 local governments. As the head of a regulatory agency for over 10 years, and also an original member of the San Francisco Cannabis Legalization Task Force, Jocelyn has been mastering the cannabis landscape from seed to sale from a government perspective.
For her clients, Jocelyn is tracking and translating CA Prop 64 and its amendments at the state level, as well as county and local ordinances as they evolve almost daily.

Consulting for the Nightlife Industry, Regulation & Compliance

Jocelyn Kane is the former Executive Director of San Francisco's Entertainment Commission, which is charged with ensuring the health and vitality of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues in the City. In 2003, she helped create this one-of-a-kind governmental office that continues to serve as a model for other cities and countries around the world who are now becoming interested in managing and advocating for their own nightlife economy. Jocelyn has been invited to speak about her policy work around the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, and all over the United States.  She is considered a “thought leader” in the nighttime economy space.

Senior Consultant with The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI)

Public Speaking

Jocelyn Kane has traveled the world as a featured speaker, panelist, and moderator at conferences world wide, as well as direct consultation and giving presentations to city/county/provincial governments for the regulation of Nightlife Industry, and now the legalization and regulation of cannabis. Cities all over the US (including San Francisco, Austin, New York, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, all of Coachella Valley), Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Victoria), the UK, and even as far away as Australia (Sydney, Perth), have all benefitted from her expertise, advice, and excellent public speaking skills.


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